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Securing Communities, Ensuring Peace: Introducing Archangel Security INC.

Our security services goes beyond protection as we also want to help build a safety net in our community. Security guards can also play a role in educating the community about safety measures and practices, empower others to commit to a safer community.

A safer point of view starts with empathy. We acknowledge individuals are often vulnerable to crime or harassment, and the presence of security guards can provide a sense of security. Archangel guards can provide information to help the individual find their location or feel safe.

Do business with us in English or Spanish. Prevent any inconveniences or accidents by contracting our safety experts who can prevent them and be your witness if necessary. By choosing us you are choosing a strong networking alliance and a commitment to the City of Calgary safety. 



We value integrity, empathy, neutrality, emotional intelligence, and ethical integrity. Our  goal is to increase community safety without using force but rather awareness. We have a team of experienced and learners, hence, we are constantly improving and training our  team to create knowledge on them about risk assessments, legal compliance, technology proficiency, ethical conduct, customer service or cultural awareness, among many other topics. We regularly assess their effectiveness and provide training where needed.



Ensure a warm and safe welcome to anyone who you think might need our personal protection. Our guards are friendly but firm, respectful but assertive, and understanding but decisive. Archangel guards are professionals that can set boundaries while also providing a sociable companionship. We want to provide an unique and special relationship that brings joy, comfort, and protection.



Trust Archangel guards to detect unusual behaviours and deescalate the situations. Our guards are in constant vigilance while watching the screens and taking turns when breaks are needed. Add on, to gain familiarity with the layout of the building Arch guards will patrol the area, also identifyig possible blind spots or moved cameras. Guards should always keep cameras’ focus on an optimized angel of surveillance and ensure that the cameras have not been moved to create a blind spot. Keep your peace of mind as our guards protect your back.

Why Choose Us

Consider Archangel Security INC. for your security needs, where unmatched expertise and unwavering dedication ensure your peace of mind. Our proactive approach identifies and mitigates potential risks before they escalate, instilling a sense of security in any environment. With extensive experience across various sectors such as event security, corporate protection, and commercial security, our team is equipped with the knowledge and skills to meet your specific security requirements.

At Archangel Security INC., client satisfaction takes precedence above all. Recognizing the uniqueness of each situation, we collaborate closely with you to tailor comprehensive security plans addressing your concerns. Our commitment to excellence permeates every aspect of our operations, evident in our transparent communication and round-the-clock availability. When you entrust Archangel Security INC., you’re selecting a reliable partner dedicated to surpassing your security expectations with exceptional services.


Premium Services

At Archangel Security INC., our premium services guarantee top-tier protection for your peace of mind. With expertise in VIP events and high-value asset security, we deliver unmatched security solutions tailored to your needs.


Happy Clients

At Archangel Security INC., our satisfied clients are our top priority. With our exceptional service and dedication, we ensure our clients’ happiness and peace of mind.


Award winning

Archangel Security INC. is honored to be an award-winning leader in the security industry. Our accolades underscore our dedication to excellence and innovation, ensuring unparalleled peace of mind for our clients.

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For inquiries or to discuss your security needs, reach out to Archangel Security INC. today. Our team is ready to provide personalized solutions to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

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Securing Trust, Ensuring Peace.