Construction Sites

Security guards at construction sites play a vital role in maintaining safety, security, and orderly dynamic. They can help enforce safety protocols by ensuring that only authorized personnel with appropriate safety gear are allowed on-site, and report any hazards or incidents to site management. Our team is trained to respond to emergencies assistance, medical incidents, or evacuations.

Events, festivals, bars, clubs

Security guards manage crowd flow, hazards, ensure orderly entry and exit, and maintain a safe environment for attendees. Our guards check tickets and verify IDs for age-restricted areas. Intoxication is a big risk, hence, guards monitor for signs of intoxication and may refuse entry to overly intoxicated individuals or assist in removing them from the premises if necessary. We keep and eye on suspicious behaviour, and take appropriate action to mitigate risks.

Heath and Social care facilities

Ensuring the safety of patients and staff is a top priority for healthcare security personnel. They respond to emergencies such as medical incidents, violent or disruptive behaviour, and security threats. Archangel guards interact in a compassionate and empathetic manner, recognizing that many individuals they encounter may be experiencing stress or vulnerability due to medical issues.

Corporate Buildings

Corporate Desk Security professionals are responsible for providing assistance, information, and support to guests or residents. Our extensively trained security personnel are dedicated to ensuring the safety and protection by monitoring access to the premises, overseeing key management, and responding to emergencies or security incidents as needed.

Commercial sites

Loss prevention officers or asset protection specialists, play a vital role in reducing theft, minimizing shrinkage, and maintaining a safe and secure environment within retail stores, warehouses, or other commercial establishments. As we aim to increase safety our guards can also provide training and education to employees to identify suspicious behaviour. This helps empower employees to play an active role in preventing theft and promoting a secure environment.